Oh she does not! But anyway, I’m not going to argue with you about it anymore. We are not even having the same argument.

I do not believe in any of those weird theories, but here is what I do know, we live in a world where women have been bought and sold, treated like property, objectified and sexually abused horrifically, systematically throughout history.

When I was 10 years old, I saw a picture in Life magazine of three beautiful Chinese baby girls, left beneath a tree. I read the caption….

Do you know what it said? They had been left there TO DIE!!!!!!

I was ten years old and all I could think was WTF China??????WTF?

My sister told me that prior to Mohammad and the development of Islam, it was common in that part of the world to bury baby girls in the sand. IN THE SAND???? WTF? Middle East????WTF????

Africans are still slicing up vaginas under inhuman conditions. WTF Africa?!???

Being such a “historian” there is just no way to deny these atrocities; and as I pointed out to you in my earlier post, thanks to the most widely watched show in television history, we have all seen, for six years the very gruesome forms that sort of misogyny has taken. People have complained about all the brutal rape and abuse of women, on Game of Thrones: the producers response? It is a very accurate depiction of European history during the Middle Ages. It is reality so just get over it.

And they’re right. Game of Thrones is very real. That doesn’t mean, though, that it is right.

One of my students, a forty year old woman, asked me why women have been treated like garbage for forever. I said, “Joanne, I don’t know about forever, but the last 2000 years have been pretty rough.”

I call myself a feminist because I am willing to speak to that truth, and I could not live with myself If I didn’t.

Sooo you want to battle over weird academic feminist theories? You will have to find another sparring partner. I don’t know them, and more importantly, I don’t care about them!

Most women don’t, but do you know what most women Do care about? Not being grabbed by the pussy! And no one speaks out against this more forcefully than people being identified as feminists. Who runs rape crisis centers? Women who call themselves feminists! The domestic violence shelters that save women from being beaten to death or killed in their own homes? Not only feminists, but get this: lesbians!!!!! (Oh God not them!!!!!)

I’m a very practical person. You can call these people whatever you want, feminists, lesbians, man-haters, whatever…but you know what I call someone willing to get abused women and children to safety? I call them good and kind and decent.

Happy New Year to you!

Working with the Light!