Oh that’s so classically 1984 of you…and slavery is freedom and war is peace too. As long as Kady trust these institutions, we can all rest easy! Thanks for the assurances Kady.

This is ridiculous. Just because you trust these institutions doesn’t mean anyone else can, nor should they. And if they don’t trust them, I guess they are undermining them. But trust is EARNED, and if these institutions are fundamentally untrustworthy and lack integrity, they should be undermined. No one should be forced to submit to a corrupt institution — and there are tons of them, as institutions are made up of people, and people are prone to corruption whenever they have power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely- and here in America the corruption is certainly getting out of hand at all levels of society, and it is sickening.

I don’t want to pay taxes anymore- because watching my politicians and what they are doing, it is obvious that they are taking public funds and siphoning away from what they are supposed to be used for, and using them to get kickbacks and fund cronyism. The PRTC, that a public transportation entity where I live, proposed to take $666,000 (I shit you NOT about the number) to defund a Department that provided critical public safety oversight and hire three people, at a salary of 200k plus, to do nothing jobs. These jobs do nothing for public transportation and certainly nothing for public safety. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and where I live. I don’t trust THAT institution- with its exploding buses and rogue bus drivers, nor should I. Nor should anyone who lives in my community.

Corruption and cronyism is DESTROYING this country…don’t even get me started on the piblic schools, and the guns, and voting rights and voter suppression, which the Pubs have become amazing at, because they just don’t have the numbers and they know it.

These are just a few of the issues I follow, where I hear the Dems give the appropriate lip service, but they are slow to ever implement any real or lasting change.

I didn’t even delve into the environment, but people who are concerned with it, usually scientists and public health types, are appalled.

And they should be. The systems which benefit corporations are usually very destructive to life, but the corporations have the money. So that’s who the politicians are constantly trying to appease and this has deeply corrupted this country and this is a critical point where the breaks need to be put on Trump’s hyper corrupt, practices -so I do hope the Dems take over one of those branches of government. They may put the brakes on some of the deeply corrupt stuff Trump is doing, but then again they might not.

The real game is tricking people into believing there is any difference between a Dem and a Pub. Really, there can’t be that much difference, but the small differences that there are, make a difference with regard to peoples ability to live.

Both parties are beholden to billionaires, and pander to based whom they give teeny-tiny crumbs. Dems give crumbs to everyone. Pubs largely only give crumbs to white males. And people like you blow my mind because clearly the Pubs dint give a damn about you…but I get it. You wanna align with the current power structure, that has always been white and male.

White people used to be the majority and that has always been who the Pubs catered to exclusively. But as the numbers change, they should change that game plan. Political

Strategist advisesd then to do so, after Obama. But, nah. They’re largely uninterested in that. Instead of trying to change what they are about, Pubs decided to entrench in their positions and be an anathema to MOST people in this country.

Yeah I said MOST people (because only 1/3 of the population even votes. There 2/3 of the population that sees voting as pointless, or worse yet Dangerous (they are afraid, because these intimidation tactics have always been a thing in this country but have gotten MUCH WORSE, thanks to the Pubs) since the Obama administration, which despite your skewed view of it, was hardly a pro-Black President.

And…Obama’s isn’t really black, but race-baiting is yet another rhetorical trick that stays in play with regard to both parties; and the worse thing about the Dems is they rarely do anything to assist African-Americans, they just don’t go out of their way to hurt them, like the Pubs do. And Dems sometimes, but rarely, protest the deeply inhuman treatment that millions of people of color are subjected to. Mostly because of political gain, but sometimes because they care. But it’s lip service more than anything else…

Dems often support policies that are horrorific for people of color, case and point the prison industrial complex, or modern day slavery. Modern slavery was Bill Clinton’s brainchild, so please, with the Obama racial bias. He did NOTHING to significantly improve the lives of black people, except speak truth to Power regarding racial injustice, and now we’re stuck with the backlash for that…which comes in the form of people like you believing in some imaginary, illusory benefit, that was provided and being resentful about it.

Both parties do significant and extreme damage to people of color on a regular. The Obama administration was no different.

Do you know why I engage you in these debates? To watch and learn how deeply Trump has changed the art of rhetoric, and how even reasonable people will twists the fundamental rules of it to meet their very self-serving ends. But hats off to you, you are far, far more reasonable than most who have adopted Trump’s rhetorical style.

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