Oh wow. You have said a lot of things that just simplify really complicated situations ridiculously, but this one is the worst. The United States and Russia have been battling with one another for the last 50 years! That’s not going to change because you think Putin is a cool guy.

Putin is a brilliant dude who is playing the US for everything that it is worth. And his hope is to destabilize the US so much, so that Russia and China can team up to bully everyone other country in the entire world, like the US has done for the past 50 years.

So nah…it’s not going to be this “Russia is our friend!” Nonsense that crazies are spouting. Russia is on the come up, and has waited for many years to bring its US frenemy down.

Russia has no love for the USA! They’ve been competing with us for years, and while you are watching Fox News, getting none of this, Russian spies are moving into South American countries like Nicaragua, getting ready for the takeover.

Russia would never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust the US…it would be a fool to do so; and one thing Russia is not is foolish.

But, all the Americans who are suddenly in love with Russia? Wow. That’s like giving a victim who you have harassed, intimidated and antagonized for years a loaded gun and turning your back.

And that’s why y’all can’t be trusted. You don’t think clearly, you think everything is just like it is portrayed on Reality TV and because of that, you would completely turn over your country, to a frenemy, get shot in the back and never see it coming.

If you think Russia would ever, for one second, forget all the damage we have done to them, over the past 50 years….well why doesn’t the same thought apply domestically, pubs should extend an olive branch to Dems…so we can all just get along swimmingly, just like US and Russia.

Working with the Light!

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