Oh you have got to be kidding me! An African-American church was just burned out, with the warning “vote Trump” spray-painted across its shell. When did the Trump supporter from Boston stomp the homeless a Hispanic man, while Trump applauded their “passion?” Quite some time ago. But hey, those people don’t matter, right? And Trump’s rallying cries about the second-amendment, and calling people Miss Piggy, and mocking disabled reporters and kicking babies and Muslims and people of color out of rallies. Has Clinton resorted to reminding everyone of every negative thing Trump has done and been affiliated with, yes. And she probably needs to. Neither is a saint, or anything close. Clearly both are sinners, but the fear-mongering, the Violence incitement — that’s all Trump. To try and reverse that onto Hillary is to just ignore and disengage from anything that resembles reality, which is an activity that most Trump supporters want to engage in constantly; and I do, find that curious.

Though I find myself, with her, I will not lie and act like she is not without her flaws. There is such a thing as objective reality, facts — you don’t get to say Trump is Santa Claus bearing peace on earth goodwill to all men (and certainly not any women), anymore than I get to say that Clinton is mother Theresa. Don’t just blatantly lie and not expect to be called on it. Smart people really dislike such blatant dishonesty. You must think most people are idiots, if you think that they will believe they assertions you have made above.

If you are going to just blatantly lie, tell this one: Trump’s giving a million dollars to everyone who votes for him. There are those stupid enough to believe this, and if ever there was a lie that would convince undecided voters, to vote Trump that’s the one. But this idea that Trump has run a positive campaign? Really? Really! If you can go into a court of law and prove that, I’ll give you a million dollars!

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