Oh you know why. White supremacy. The only pain that has ever mattered in this country is white pain. Do you know this country’s history?

My great grandma, had her house burned down to the ground — because she dared to try to send her two daughters to high school — off limits for negroes at that time in Kentucky. But my family was lucky, all my female relatives escaped with their lives and no sexual misconduct of any kind. (As far as I know)

But what was far more common, by our President’s buddies, the Klan, was for women like my ancestors to be brutally raped and tortured, multiple times by multiple white men, and THEN be burned alive in their homes.

Most white people, who were uninvolved with these atrocities, quietly looked the other way, pretending that they did not live amongst subhuman monsters, I guess because it’s the only way they could retain their sanity, albeit, not their humanity.

On this front, not much has changed…deep and perverse sexual violence- especially against women of color- is deeply embedded in this nation’s history. It’s coming to the surface now, and the Pubs are trying to bring sexual violence back with a vengeance and this time for use against all women…even the white ones…poetic justice…I guess.

Working with the Light!

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