Oh you shut up! Trump de legitimized Trump, because Trump’s an idiot.

And I would direct you to keep Obama’s name out of your small-minded, ignorant, racist mouth, but then again that would entirely defeat your purposes wouldn’t it?

Who would you direct your long, angry racist tirades against? You speak to ignorant, small-minded people who desperately need someone to hate, preferably black or brown people and so it’s Obama, Obama, Obama out of your small, dumb, ignorant racist mouth all day long!


Don’t you get tired of constantly if sounding like a racist, retarded idiot at every opportunity you have to write or speak?

Apparently not. You’ve been at this everyday for well over a year. You have been, for me, a study of the astounding and relentless fear, loathing and idiocy of a typical American white male Trumpster.

Working with the Light!

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