Okay are annoyed that he is calling “his opponents” stupid? Because if you are, typically that is a valid criticism. But OMG!! All the shit we hear from almost all the media -almost all of it — IS SO FUCKING STUPID! If I hear the term “nothing burger” one more time…people with Down syndrome have more sophisticated conversations!

And what I am resisting more than anything else is all dumb, dumb, dumb, shit brain mfers, no matter what the political affiliation, demanding that the discourse be so dumbed down. Hell naw! I ain’t reading, Thinking for Dummies. Or…how not to think but just do all the stupid, dumb, dumb, dumb shit, he described above.

If you are a mildly intelligent person-not genius mind you — but possessing some basic critical thinking skills that Everyone should learn by the 8th grade- then you should be able to see through all this media bullshit, and not ever go around parroting any of that bullshit back to people! It is deeply insulting to intelligence!

What am I five? “Oh its a nothing burger! Thank you da da Fox News. I go pee pee and poo poo my nothing burger now, cause I no read. You Splaim it to me in unisyllabic words and pictures! Dis nothing burger 🍔. Now I no listen or think bout no scary things now. Da da say Russia nothing burger!”


The more people come at me with shit for brains soundbites, the crankier I get. People are saying a lot of stupid shit. It needs to be called out.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!