Okay…as a ghetto princess I have to chime in on this ridiculous assertion about rappers. Hip hop comes from the hood, the streets, the ghetto. And in the ghetto, these terms have a different meaning than they have in mainstream white America. Sadly, if you’re in the hood and you’re gay, you will be called a “fag” more likely you will be called a “faggity ass nigga” or something along those lines. If you’re a women (and you’re right I don’t like this) you will be called a “bitch” or depending on what you’re doing, “a stank ass bitch” or “a down ass bitch.” If you’re a man, you will be called a “nigga.” Maybe a “grimey nigga” or a “heartless nigga” or a “punk ass nigga.” My point is: fag, bitch, hoe, nigga, in the HOOD these are very basic general terms that just mean: gay man, girl, girl, man. Now, you are not going to change hood culture, you’re just NOT so it’s ridiculous to say “let’s hold rappers to Mainstream AMERICAN standards.”

As a ghetto princess, I’ll tell you this much, you are not a “down ass nigga” and that’s okay. But don’t try to tell those who are, how they should rap.

Working with the Light!

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