Okay but this, right here, whoever or whatever the observer is, is pretty bizarre. Not something you’d expect in a world made of solid objects.

So that’s my whole point, with all of this, is the world, made up of solid objects or not? And if it isn’t, then there is a whole lot of misunderstanding about what the world really is, and what people believe it to be.

I don’t believe anyone has all the answers. So definitive statements about physics not having anything to do with consciousness or psychology, I don’t buy because far too much is unknown about matter and what it is really doing. Also, far too much is unknown about the mind and what it is really doing. I mean the whole infinite universes thing, wow. That’s sort of mind boggling and if you can entertain the idea of that, certainly you can consider that we create our own reality by what we think and feel.

Maybe LoA has nothing to do with physics. But some physicists think it does and some think it doesn’t. I’ve listened to both sides get into the minutiae of it, which as you pointed out to a lay person just gets confusing and ultimately boring.

All I want to know, all that matters to me, is whether this thing we call “reality” is made up of solid objects or not. If it isn’t, I think that opens up all kinds of doors for consciousness to come in and tamper with the “reality” as it sees fit.

Physics, as I understand it, is the study of matter and energy. But even in the study of matter and energy in a very traditional manner, so many mysteries unexplained. Like where does the energy that organic things use to move come from? Where does that energy go (since energy is never created nor destroyed) when the thing dies? Just the life dance between matter and energy has so many unexplained facets, as does human consciousness. And then there is this whole concept of time that is wholly intangible and yet impacts everything!

How would you quantify or qualify a thought or an emotion? These are intangible things that can’t be measured in any traditional way, but certainly they have impact, just like time.

There is a huge mass of thought and emotion that has led to Donald Trump being president of the US. A lot of people who do not have these same thoughts and emotions about Trump being awesome are totally baffled and shocked, by this result. They just had no idea that this very real force of thoughts and feelings, was going to result in the Presidency we have.

This presidency has led to bombs being dropped on people in other countries, and the destruction of people, places and things. So my point is there is a definite correlation between human consciousness and physics, because big bombs dropping and destroying things — don’t happen in a vacuum. Something is behind that destructive energy — and what’s behind it is thoughts and feelings, first. There are a number of complex actions as well, but thoughts and feelings have to get there first, so thoughts and feelings are a part of the movement of energy. How can you say this has nothing to do with physics then?

I suppose much of this hinges on how you define physics — but whatever you end up calling the correlation between thoughts, feelings, energy and matter (whether you call it physics or something else entirely) there are certain truisms that seem to be scientifically accurate. Like violence begets more violence, almost always. What’s behind violence? Fear and anger, certain types of emotions, that lead to angry thoughts, which lead to the violence.

Israel and Palestine have years and years and layers and layers and layers of negative emotions between them, as well as a lot of violence. We can see the correlation clearly, and no matter what we call it (physics or anything else) the negative thoughts and feelings create negative actions. Both countries are attracting the negative actions by the collective negative thoughts and feelings they push at one another. We can both predict with extraordinary accuracy, there will be no peace between these countries a year from now. Let’s bring it home, race relations in the US. I am certain that there will be no improvement whatsoever in 2017 in race relations. Cops will continue to harass and kill blacks, disproportionately to whites, although that is only one of many symptoms. I am 100% sure of that, as are you. How can we claim this with such accuracy? Borrowing from laws of physics- objects in motion stay in motion — and if violence were an object (which it isn’t really) it is definitely in motion between Israel and Palestine and between blacks and whites in America.

But my point is we can borrow the concepts to understand the way that which is intangible ( thoughts, emotions, time) affects the tangible (bombs, land, homes, bodies.) You can’t be saying that there is no relationship between the intangible and the intangible. No you can’t be saying that. It’s illogical.

And so, if there is a relationship, why wouldn’t there be certain laws that apply? And, it makes no difference to me what you call these laws, physics, spiritual laws (some people call them that) whatever! What is damn sure important is that you understand them. So that’s what I’m attempting to do here, understand them. And like I said to Jhonny Justice, I only brought Einstein and Tesla into my thoughts on all of this, because I like their ideas, not necessarily their science, which I don’t understand anyway. But their science, the science of Einstein and Tesla, was influenced by a lot of non traditional thought, and that is what attracts me to their ideas.

The whole thing about the wave and the particle, I think is a pretty cool way to explain and possibly explore the illusory nature of reality.

I’m Not sure that I get it though, I’m not sure that I need to. I still stand behind what I say about paying attention to negative emotions, regardless of what the truth is with the wave or the particle. Pay enough attention to negative emotions, you will feel their impact. So just don’t do it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!