Okay…I do see your point, and yes you have a reasonable perspective, still I maintain as a journalist (if they are taught well, and admittedly, a lot of them are not anymore) there is a very serious code of ethics, very serious, they they must follow. So from me, no. He gets no pass on this one. The only reason I’m inclined to let YOU give him a pass, and contend that the pass is reasonable, Is because you are correct about his male perspective, or just the general social perspective regarding this issue. It is steeped in ignorance a s misinformation. We all are very ignorant regarding the deadly epidemic of domestic violence. Even those of us who have experienced first hand (I myself am a childhood survivor, and I JUST, (as in a month ago) had a very traumatic experience with my brother, which is the reason I am speaking out on this so passionately and vocally.

People, ALL PEOPLE, need to be much better informed about the problem. Because only then, we will see some solutions to this dire problem.

So, okay…I take back the incompetent male comment…cause that was snarky…I’m trying not to be that. You do make a valid point about ignorance about the topic. And not just for Alexander…but everyone.

Working with the Light!

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