Okay…I see the problem…you think these people actually represent your interests! Well I never…not even when I was in college campaigning for Carol Moseley Braun (the first Black woman in the Senate, ever) and the Dems tried to force me to to also do it for Bill Clinton.

Going hard for Carol (who clearly didn’t give a damn about me — or any other Black person in the city of Chicago) was about the principle. As I said before, I never had the luxury of assuming any of them were for me, but I take what I can, where I can. I like coffee and I like tea. And that’s how you play the game and I imagine that Hillary did the same. So that’s what I mean when I say she’s a damn good politician. She plays the hell out of that game, Like Cersei on Game of Thrones, and you know what, because of that, you probably should not count her out. If I wanted to be purely philosophical, which, at this point I do, I’d say hate the game, not the player.

Because seriously…the hate needs to stop; and here is why, I am tired of looking at and talking to sad white women, who just absolutely adore Hillary Clinton, and are disgusted by all the hate thrown at her daily. How do you think that makes them feel? I mean, this kind of blatant nonstop hate against your kind, is not new to me (the black thing again, although it’s really ramping up to some very uncomfortable levels.) But for their sakes, can you give it a rest? Cut it out! She lost! What else is there to talk about? And I know why Trump won…even if you don’t. Hillary was only partially to blame…

Working with the Light!

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