Okay…I will grant you this and I hear ya.

But the thing with Russia is yet and still more complicated than just that. There are several issues with Russia that has (and should have) most Americans going: WTF???

  1. Did Russia influence our election, and give Trump his victory? Probably not, but truly we will never know. Our elections are already far too compromised to ever, ever really know who truly won, when the candidates are so close; and they have been so close ever since Dubya. So a good 16 years of not really knowing who really won.
  2. Did Trump try to get Russia to influence the outcome? Probably not, but same problem as above. We will never know, as already the process is too compromised, before Trump even factors in.
  3. Is Trump either doing some shady financial stuff with Russia (accepting loans with more favorable terms to him and his personal brand) in exchange for compromising National security? (Sharing intelligence for example? Is he compromising the safety of Americans or American allies, to get on good terms with Russia? (Hard to say, but DEFINITELY NOT outside of the realm of possibilities.)
  4. Is Trump associated with people (acting on his behalf and his instruction) who are doing the above? (Hell yeah. It certainly seems so. That’s not cool. What is this motley crew of cons and pimps and mafioso bosses up to, exactly?)
  5. Was Trump concerned that Any of the above would come to light? (Certainly the case can be made.) Did Trump try to quash the investigation into all things Russia because of this? (Certainly the case can be made.)
  6. Did Trump fire James Comey because he refused to cease The Russia investigation? This should be a hell yes, as TRUMP SAID THIS. Now, aside from any other Russia issues — this is smoking gun. This shows a president who has no respect for the rule of law, process, procedure of any kind. This shows a hard push in the direction of tyranny. And so the underlying Russia stuff is totally irrelevant. How the President handled that investigation has now become the bigger issue, and he could be as pure as the driven snow about all the other Russia stuff (he is not), the fact that he is so blatantly trying to manipulate processes, procedures, investigations is extraordinarily problematic.

And this is just the tip…there is a lot of shady, grimey, shameful shenanigans going on…and no it’s not cool to just give Trump a pass because the Americans got nothing but broken corrupt systems anyway.

That’s true, but that doesn’t mean we let the demo crew in (Trump and Co.) to wreak havoc with impunity.

Yes, the American house is infested with all sorts of vermin, but we still don’t act like it’s nothing, when the Trump Molotov Cocktail, starts burning the house down. The house is on fire people! You gonna just sit up in there inhaling that smoke, talking bout “I don’t smell any smoke.”

We cannot ignore this f@cked up Trump fire, just because y’all want to exterminate the roaches and rats, first.


Rats and roaches are irrelevant when your house is in ashes underneath your feet.

Working with the Light!

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