Okay like seriously? I can’t tell what you’re saying…who is stealing from who? And why? I think you might be making a valid point here, but it is lost. How is anyone (except Trump) stealing from people who voted for Trump? This just makes no logical sense on the face!

And the thing is, you immediately call me irrational because I point out that you are literally making no sense. Even if you were making sense, I probably wouldn’t agree with ya, but you are seriously on some Tower of Babble shift! You really think you are making some kind of logical argument for something. You’re not. This is fascinating, in a truly disturbing way. There are hundreds of not thousands or even millions like you who rant irrationally and think you are really saying something. Why are y’all losing your minds like this? Seriously, what is going on? Something in the air? Chemtrails? Zika virus?

Stop trying to be about something. It doesn’t matter. Seriously, no matter what you think you’re voting for, Trump, Clinton, Bernie don’t you see it doesn’t matter? There is a system in place- it stays in place no matter who the f@ck is in office and it doesn’t give a damn about what you want, or if you scream left or right or whatever, it does not matter.

And there is all sorts of other stuff going on outside of this country, that is flipping the script big time…Bit coin for example. It’s a new currency being used everywhere except here. Why is that? America keeps desperately trying to hold on to the old, but new is on the scene doing what it does, destroying old systems — and it is doing this faster than ever.

Left or right is way beside the point. Both sides have been corrupted relentlessly and don’t stand for a damn thing. This is why the Congress accomplishes nothing, ever. Cause Obamacare didn’t fix a damn thing and it ain’t gonna be repealed or replaced either.

The lies, upon lies, upon lies. You are being lied to constantly. You wanna really flip out over whether the lies are left or right ones? It’s pointless!

It’s all distraction. It’s all about keeping you in the dark, clueless as to what is really going down. There is a lot of really serious, transformative stuff going down…but you’re missing it. Paying attention to right or left. You better pay attention to Amazon and Google. Like it or not, that’s what’s up. And it’s totally different than this left right bs…not necessarily better, just different.

You just gotta let it go. Just let it go. You will never win beating a left or right drum. You can pay attention to issues that matter to you and try to help out with those particular issues, but this whole partisan politics as a favorite sports past time is stupid. The jig is up, the politicians are playing the hell out of us all. It should be obvious with what has happened to Trump. He came in one way, now he’s totally another. To his credit it took about six months to break him, but that dude is broken. Don’t know what they said or did to him, but something happened. We will never know, but obviously nothing is as it seems, so just let go.

I think you are trying to blame the left for Trump’s troubles. Yeah, no. Trump’s troubles began as soon as he jumped into that Presidential race acting all cray-cray. He created 1001 enemies he never had before and “the left” is the least of them.

But I don’t expect you to understand any of this, cause it’s like the public service announcement against drugs…this is your brain on partisan politics.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!