Okay now we are playing semantic games, which is one hell of a deflection technique in and of itself, if you want to talk “straw man” and this particular cliched metaphor has been used as naseam. I am so sick of it, enough.

Fact checkers have stated the ways in which the bans are similar and dissimilar. Nothing, especially when it comes to federal bureaucracy, is simple — and none of it should be reduced to misleading sound bites such as “Obama did the same or similar thing.”

What Obama did may have in fact been worse, but it would take a Line item comparison as well as a cause and effect/compare and contrast of the Obama ban to the Trump ban in order to ascertain which did more damage to something as simple as the lives of ordinary American residents, to things more complex such as International relations. In other words, to really compare the different policies would require a fairy complicated analysis that can’t be done in a short period of time.

Doesn’t matter, most people are either to stupid or impatient to wait for any critical thinking and long term fact and evidence based analysis. Most would rather run off with inflammatory statements and half truths to support a nonsensical partisan agenda, and that’s what I dislike deeply. The fact that we don’t seem to value real critical thought or analysis anymore.

But you are right, similar has a slightly different meaning from same. I stand corrected. So you knocked down my “straw man” (where I ignore what was originally stated, by replacing those statements with more extreme versions of what was initially stated) by telling me that “similar” has a different meaning than “same.” I would say that clearly, I did not concoct any such “straw man” as “similar” and “same” are close enough.

I did not substitute a more extreme version of the original argument. I simply said the policies are not the same. I will also say that I doubt they are similar either, but to accurately state that requires a far more indepth comparison than I am willing to engage in on the presidential policies.

If you can’t realize how idiotic this ENTIRE conversation is, then God help us all. We don’t remember how to talk or think in a way that conveys meaning or make any logical sense.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!