Okay so enough with attacking minorities who actually want to vote. You want to talk about “rigged elections?” Let’s talk about the House of Representatives where Republicans used computers to carve up districts such that they will always win, no matter what — blatant cheating and rigging. Let’s also talk about removing polls from minority neighborhoods and forcing minority voters to travel 50 or more miles to vote.

Let’s talk about the fact that most minorities don’t even bother to vote, but the ones that do disrupt the Republican cheat system so much, that they bend over backwards to suppress minority votes, and have spent billions up in think tanks coming up with ways to suppress minority votes.

This info has been “leaked” several times over the past 16 years. Republicans are so obsessed with leaks right now, so why not discuss some of those leaks? All the leaked documents about Republican minority voter suppression, are certainly as relevant as the DNC’s leaked docs on primary voter suppression; and all of its despicable- but Republicans are in no position to claim any moral authority on that!

I am an African-American woman who has proudly voted in every single election- despite the fact that when I moved to Virginia- back then a Republican state — my voter registration was rejected three times!!!! Three times!!!! For ridiculous reasons! I didn’t list a rural address. No I didn’t because, I didn’t have a “rural” address.

Finally, I went to the County Government building and threw a fit! I said, “I know exactly what you’re doing! It is illegal. It is a violation of my civil rights! I am not leaving this building until I am properly registered to vote.”

Well that did it… and they have never bothered me since.

I know who you are. I know everything that you’re about — and I’m calling you on it. You’re the fraud and the cheat. You’re the one who wants to suppress votes.

So to all you minority voters out there, who don’t vote — just do it! Don’t do it for Trump or Hillary- but do it to piss this guy off!

He’s out here spreading lies about minorities and voter fraud when historically all the voter fraud and tampering and suppression has been directed at us — by people just like him.

Because there are literally millions of people just like him who, don’t want to play fair. They dont want you to be able to vote, because your voting means your freedom!

They are still mad about the civil war (trust me, I live in Virginia — so many of these Southerners are still furious about the Civil War and they whine and cry about the loss of their slaves, believe it). So I say all of that, to say this — they want you enslaved and they plan and plot about how they can make it happen. One way is through the suppression of votes. Believe that and VOTE!

Blacks Vote, vote, vote — like you did for Obama! Muslims vote, Hispanics vote, Asians vote! (I really want to aggravate this guy.)

Women! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Like your life depends on it, because it does.

And the next time any Republican had the audacity to pull this crap — attack, viciously! Attack the dishonesty! Attack the audacity! They do not get to accuse us of committing their crimes! Voter fraud indeed! Fix the house!!!!! That hot gerry-mandered mess, that’s red all over!!!!!

Working with the Light!