Okay so here’s the only issue with the score, Trump does not scare elites…hardly that. He stokes the flames of divide and conquer politics lovely and is therefore an elites wet dream. So that’s where I’m like, it’s real stupid, primal, base to be played in just this way. To be played by someone who looks like you, talks like you, thinks like you and is going to sell you down the river on a lark…that’s more like -10. It’s not a win. But Trump does terrify all the nonwhite working and middles class, scores of women — and in return for that terror, for which this working white middle class is primarily responsible by insuring the rise of Trump — they are also dealing with tremendous, tremendous amounts of resentment from huge numbers of fellow Americans — far closer to them than Trump will ever be. Make no mistake. Trump is that elite which uses, manipulates and mocks all that working whites hold dear. Who has Trump stiffed on all his various deals and debts and other? This class that so blindly supports him. So now, not only are they going to get jacked with no vas — they are going to be hated by the rest of America for it, if Trump should win. But…if he does…because Trump himself is so crazy unpredictable- ain’t no telling how the elites will respond to that. If he’s to much of a problem he will get taken out…JFK


Working with the Light!

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