Okay so I’m going to call out the trends that I see with regard to internet rhetoric on the topics around feminism and anti-feminism. And @ Ron Collins, you are participating in this particular social experiment, for whatever reason. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Someone writes something or says something- that may or may not have anything to do with feminism. I personally would not classify this article as particularly feministic — because it’s very vague. The author just seems to be saying, some men behave badly and need to stop. This is not necessarily feminism. He has used some terminology that has been accredited to feminism like “rape culture.” But rape is a real thing, as is sexual assault.

I’ve noticed that some anti-feminist rhetoric attempts to deny the existence of rape or sexual assault, which is quite honestly bizarre, but whatever.

My point is there is a pattern among those who attempt to battle what they perceive as feminism with half truths, misinformation and propaganda- as well as certain formulas and scripts designed to hijack and socially engineer human emotion, behavior and response.

And its so formulaic, it is as if these people imagine themselves as Pavlov. So the formula always involves an aggressive female anti feminist. She comes out and provides a long rant about how women are so empowered and are oppressing men. (I wonder how much these women are paid and who writes their scripts. They need better writers. They hardly ever sound convincing.) Then there is some condescending man that comes along, pats her on the head, goes on and on about how beautiful and understanding and feminine she is. She is the epitome of righteous femininity. She gets men. All the stupid idiotic feminists just miss the boat entirely. Then the female, apologizes to the man for her stupid womankind, and assures him that yes she gets it. Yes there are so many others like her, just waiting to be the perfect, entirely submissive, female baby doll.

It is like emotional pornography for extremely insecure men — and the women involved in this dialogue- the porn stars.

Okay so obviously certain factions are conspiring to put this whole charade of female/male interaction out there as a way to model behavior, in an attempt to get others to model this behavior. It is so basic and elementary and insulting. Is anyone falling for this? Are their hoardes of women, now clamoring to disavow all thought and dialogue that speaks to their own self interest of not being raped or sexually assaulted, because that dialogue is being labeled as “feministic.” I do not think so.

But I could be wrong. I’m calling the mind games out for what they are — and everyone else should too. Don’t pay attention to people who attempt to manipulate your thoughts and emotions in this way. Don’t pay attention to people trying to divert away from the discussion of how we can solve problems regarding rape and sexual assault and intimate violence by going down a feminist v. Anti-feminist rabbit hole. There are real answers and real solutions to these problems, however these factions, with their endless distraction and divisive techniques, get in the way.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!