Okay so let’s talk about modern day slavery or the prison industrial complex…first lets read the 13th amendment, which freed the slaves, it says no man shall be enslaved UNLESS he commits a crime. So what do those Southern civil war losers do — once their slaves were free? Pass all kinds of Jim Crow laws Still in effect to this day, to reenslave all the freed slaves by making it a crime to be black…and this explains plenty. It explains why Brock Turner gets 6 months for raping a woman and a black man in The South gets five years for possession of a blunt. Black communities everywhere PAY THE SALARIES of law enforcement. How so? By being incessantly targeted, ticketed and fined for minor traffic violations that others commit all the time. A rich white kid will do 9o in a 30 mile zone and get a hand slap. This I know for sure. I’ve seen it. I went to prep school. I got the same education as the rich kids got — and a lot of the same treatment too. Hang out with rich kids …you can commit any crime you want, with impunity. Be black and even look like you’re committing a crime, it’s the prison industrial complex for life…modern day slavery. I’ve always known this to be true, because I’m educated and smart, never fell for all the brainwashing everyone else does. But here’s what is truly exciting about these times, tons of black people and tons of white people are waking up! And they’re like Hey! This criminal justice system is extremely corrupt! And yeah they are protesting, rioting, walking, talking, speaking, making films, making TV shows, making speeches. This is not going to stop! American slavery will come to an end and soon!

Working with the Light!