Okay this is just crazy talk. Kaepernick’s protest had nothing to do with white people Perse…NOTHING! Unless it’s this…certain white people, usually male ones, want to be assured that they can or the police will, kill any black person they don’t like. And here comes Kaepernick, speaking out against that! Kaepernick is not giving anyone the middle finger…but if you are in the Klan, you would certainly interpret his actions as such, because you want to kill black people recklessly and with impunity. Kaepernick is taking a stand and saying that’s wrong. I agree.

White supremacists need to take cues from all the normal white people and find more productive things to do with themselves and their time other than hate people of color. There are billions of people of color in the world, so that’s an exhausting, endless job that gets you nowhere.


Working with the Light!

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