Okay…touche…you have given me a lot to think about. (With the pie charts and all.) I can’t deny that war is particularly brutal on men. I’ve seen firsthand the effect of it, on their psyche, their very souls, so of course I am not trying to ignore any of that…but I am saying, you can’t pretend that the violence experienced by men does not impact the experiences of women and children.

Whenever women talk about their experiences with violence, this, yeah but the men is kind of like the whole all lives matter bit. Yes, okay, but we are focusing on the female ones now. Feminists tend to focus primarily on how male violence affects women, without considering the other side of the equation…what is causing the male to be violent. No one, seems to particularly care about how violence affects children, there is quite a dearth of advocacy there. And that’s very unfortunate for them all as violence impacts the children the worst, and affects future generations, badly. Everyone has got to live with the effects of it. Estwald, cleverly articulated in post how everyone suffers when children are raised poorly. It’s really sad that we constantly lose sight of this, as a species.

Good call on my sentence structure. You’re absolutely right. I definitely prefer your much more specifically structured sentences about people’s beliefs about qualified lives not mattering. I want to say, Oh c’mon you know what I meant! But no, I have to agree with you that sentences like that are dangerous, so thanks for calling me on that.

You make a lot of valid points about female privilege. I’d be the first to admit, everyone enjoys some kind of privilege. I’ve noticed that women who are coming from relentlessly abusive situations, have developed relentlessly abusive passive-aggressive coping skills which often deploy — with no regard for human life. Believe me, I have seen it in action. I’ve seen it shred a male psyche, or two. I don’t, however, think it’s the norm in female populations. These people are created by a set of circumstances and as a society, we have to take responsibility for the fact that we are creating these people. Calling attention to the sort of violence women experience - does not in any way discredit or take away from the sort of violence that men experience. If you want to fully treat the problem — you have to address the whole situation. The violence systemically directed against people. We have met the enemy, and it is us.

I still maintain that (at least in America) racism and sexism are linked together quite tightly. As people become increasingly multi-racial (or as my sister would say swirly), which the millennials definitely are — it really upsets the American status quo around all of the race and gender rules of engagement. For all the talk of Obama, being the first African-American president, the man is actually quite bi-racial, and that is something different. I don’t call Obama black, but rather tan. Still, he represented something a lot of white Americans just did not ever want to come to terms with — and that is the American power structure accepting people of color into it’s ranks. But as more biracial and multi racial people intermingle, this is going to continue. As a result, there is an alarming call, among many white Americans, to turn back the clock to a time when these different races were not permitted to interact with each other socially. But I think that ship has largely sailed.

As people become increasingly multi-gendered, (yeah, it’s a thing- again, something the millennials definitely embrace more readily than any generation I’ve known) rules around gender are really being disrupted.

As a result, the state of North Carolina (that’s my neighbor state btw) has lost it’s ever loving mind over who can use which public bathrooms. (Seriously, that’s a thing. For the past year or so, North Carolina’s Republicans and Democrats have been at each other throats in that state, over what is know as “the bathroom law.”)

The youngins are mixing up racially and many are refusing to identify as male or female? On top of all of that, they are in deep distress over concerns using the wrong public bathroom. What is all this insanity? What does this mean?

I have no idea, really.

But I think these are all extreme responses to strict racial/gender confines that most young people feel don’t serve them well. I think feminists and MRA’s are doing the same, in their own way. I’ve been a part of movements, considered “feminists” because I believe violence against women is a big problem. To be fair, I think violence against everyone is a problem, but the forms of violence (war on the field v. war in the home) affect the genders differently.

I can only speak to what I know (which is war in the home), so that’s what I do. While I don’t necessarily ascribe to the academic pedagogy that is feminism, when feminist develop platforms and mechanisms to effectively deal with and speak out regarding war in the home, I’m all for that. And honestly, plenty of men are as well.

The safe house in our county, was donated by a builder. He built it to the precise specifications of a group home that would house many transient occupants. I asked, what would cause a builder to take on such a huge project, that required a substantial investment of time and money, for something that is largely considered (wrongly) solely a female issue. The response? Getting kicked out of his childhood home, in the dead of winter with his mother and younger siblings, due to an abusive father. I know this is not just a female problem.

I think all of this upset (feminism, MRA, transgender, multiculturalism, political correctness, alt-right, alt-left, the Tea party, The Bernie Bros, The Nasty ladies, Trumpism, the Pink Hats) just has to be. I largely don’t feel too inclined to pick any one side over the other, because honestly, it’s all getting far to crazy. Everyone is lounging inside of their extreme info bubbles and echo chambers, and no one is solving any problems. This is pointless.

But the systems though…rotten! At least we can agree on that.

Working with the Light!