Okay…whoa…talk about emotional rants and voices inside your own head…that is all you.

You are going deep, deep down into your own rabbit hole regarding what you think will happen in Europe as a result of Muslim immigrants and in doing so, you proved my point.

There is a lot of fear and hysteria in this post.

From your perspective it sounds like the Muslims immigrants and refugees are bringing armegeddon and, though I don’t know, I’m not there, I suspect this is an exaggeration.

Immigration is an extremely complex issue, at least it is in America. Most immigrants from Mexico and South America get in because wealthy special interests groups want them here. They have a use for them. They are granted special visas and everything.

Most of these immigrants just want a chance at a better life and yes, they burden an already overburdened social system, but for the most part, this is not their fault. They were brought in to serve a purpose — and that purpose is usually labor exploitation so certain industries can function. So no. I am not going to viciously attack these people and accuse them of being criminals or destroying my American way of life, just because they want to eat; and I am able to eat because of them. The entire US agricultural system is supported by this special immigrant labor. These immigrants are the reason oranges are only $4 a pound. If not for them, the food would be much more expensive.

To be fair, some Mexicans and South Americans are criminals and are a threat to everyone they encounter, but usually they pose the biggest threat to the other Mexicans and South Americans that are just here to work the farms.

Terrible things happen to these migrant workers all the time. They get murdered on a whim. They get deported on a whim — and its usually the criminals who never get caught, and even if they get deported they always manage to make their way back with their guns, their drugs and their human trafficking.

And so a smart person asks themselves what kind of system do we have in place that:

1. Allows businesses to bring immigrants in the country for cheap labor;

2. Allows the rest of the uninformed and uneducated American population to get really pissy and nasty about the fact that these immigrants are here and actually trying to do things like live and eat and breath and send their kids to school;

3. Allows the real criminal immigrants who bring the guns and the drugs into the country to function with impunity (oh and by the way, there is a heroine epidemic over here that is affecting white communities at an unprecedented rate).

What kind of system allows for that? A very corrupt one. And you cant rant against the Muslims or the Mexicans all you want, it is just spitting in the wind, especially if you don’t recognize…if you don’t begin to have a clue that all of these problems have been systematically arranged by design. And they want you to be hysterical about Muslim immigrants, because that prevents you from thinking real critically about what is really going on in the world right now and what is happening as the economy shifts to a global one.

You obsessing about these Muslim immigrants in Europe is like obsessing over a leaf on the tree in the forest. You are missing the much, much bigger picture.

Here is the last thing I’m going to say about it — there is not a lot of land over there I Europe, but there are a lot of people and ancient cultures jammed into that tiny space. You all have got to figure out how to get along with one another. WWII desimated Europe. You all are packed in too close to not figure out how to get along with one another. If you can’t figure it out, all of Europe will suffer greatly once again. People like you, who give into hysteria, actually assist in destabilizing your own region. I would like to think that your hysterical rants about Muslims don’t affect me, with you being all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, but they do. Because over here people are being infected with that hysteria and now Donald Trump is the president elect. He is a con artist who will pimp America out for all she is worth, and he is ironically one of the special interests groups who uses immigrant and foreign cheap labor to make just about everything he sells.

He calls Mexicans rapists and criminals, but this doesn’t stop him from hiring them instead of American workers at minimum wage. No never that. He talks crap about Mexicans while paying them 5$ a day to build the next Trump Tower; and he doesn’t even bother to deny any of this. How did this man get elected? I live in a country of idiots who allow people like you and Trump to work them all up into even greater mindless idiocy, all the while exploiting the hell out of them. I will survive a Trump presidency, because I see it for the con it is — as for all the American idiots who think they got something coming…oh boy are they about to take it, with no Vaseline. If you care so much about European culture and people of European descent, you are doing them all a huge disservice. You have them focused on all the wrong things. Yes a way of life is being completely destroyed but its not the Muslims or Mexicans who are doing it. It is corrupt systems that are hell bent on pitting people against one another to deflect and distract from what’s really going down.

And it is going down.

I see this system for what it really is, and the games that are being run on everyone, and especially people like you who work yourself all up into a tizzy about the Muslim immigrants next door. You say you have nothing in common with Nazis. Please.

If you studied European history and especially that particular European history then you know, hysterical rants against a group of people is exactly how it starts. Go back up into your post, change Muslim to Jew, and tell me that wasn’t exactly the kind of dialogue occurring in Post WWI Germany. It was. Let’s not repeat history.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!