OMG…read this line AND CRIED. And it’s not like the story wasn’t sad enough.

Wow…poor Mickey…and I’m not a typical American (read white) who just loves my dog or cat more than most people. That’s definitely a white American thing. I’m black and proud, and we actually take pride in having our most meaningful relationships with other people. White American culture doesn’t operate that way.

But anyway, you really personified Mickey…and I totally get it! You were justified in loving your dog, more than most people! Cause your dog was cooler than most people!!!

Also…the way you describe an immigrant Asian girl’s life -very cool! Like I get it…and yet I don’t get it! I’m black American (biracial if you wanna get real technical with the DNA, I am literally a descendant of slave masters.)

But I tell you what, if soneone had done my dog like that…there would have been crying and howling and knashing if teeth. And yeah my mom too would have come up with her version of $100 to appease me, but only after I had caused such a stink she realized she had to do something to shut me the hell up.

And…that always felt like blood money. I hope your experience was different.

This was a hell of a story! Thanks. Now I’m going to say a prayer for Mickey. (It’s what black Americans do, when we don’t know what the fuck else to do.)

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!