OMG! Some of your best work absolutely! I love how your start out with hope, it’s so true!

Like who has hope right now?

If you have any hope in the American presidency these days you’re a complete idiot. And I don’t hear the Trumpsters trumping off like they used too…I think it’s fair to say that most of them have lost all hope…even though they’re way too stubborn to admit it, they have NO defense of whatever Trump is pretending to be doing (which is not governing this nation…I mean I think we’re all pretty clear on that.)

If, you can pretend that it doesn’t impact you, Trump is producing the most entertaining reality show on earth! Billions of viewers! Sky-high ratings! He is rivaling Game of Thrones -and that is something!!!!

This is hysterical satire, that once again, oddly enough, is pretty true. All 35 things, he’d totally say them. In fact a few of them he already has.

AI you should apply for a spot on Trump’s production team. I mean your writing is spot on! Get your resume over to that White House! Why are you wasting time on Medium, when you got a shot at writing for the biggest show on earth? Billions of viewers…need I say more? Get a job as a Trump speech writer and hit pay dirt.

Working with the Light!

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