OMG! Spooky! The historians keep comparing America to Rome, but this Commodius fellow sounds like He came back as Trump, just to wreck yet another Empire! Spooky! The parallels are uncanny. Do we learn nothing from history?

Someone said to me, right after Trump was elected, “I feel like the people in the church on GoT felt, right before it blew up.”

I know you don’t watch the show, but it is one of the most watched shows in the history of television. I think it’s because it gives us so much insight into the political machinations of our day. People love to watch GoT because (even though it’s loosely based on the War of the Roses, and is therefore set in midevil times) it shows how politics work at any time. And their world, much like our world, is very unstable.

Which means you have Queen Cersei (a narcissist just like the Donald) blowing up churches so she doesn’t have to answer for her many crimes against the realm.

It was a massive explosion, killed everyone before they could even realize what had happened to them. Only a few saw it coming…but at some level these people had to know they were about to be blown to bits, right? I mean I would imagine before an event like that happens a heavy stillness settles over you. I swear to God, that was the feeling so many of us had when Trump got elected.

Deep state better be careful messing with the Donald…no telling what he will blow up, if they shame him too much.

But…I guess it’s not him (Trump), cause if it wasn’t him it would be someone like him. America has itself in such a corrupted state, nobody but a narcissist con wants to touch it.

Meanwhile…we keep chasing rabbits down holes, to what end? I think it’s best if we all just focus on what we can actually change, our own minds! That’s about it. That’s where I am putting most of my energy.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!