OMG! This is the most hysterical to date. You sure can tell some funny stories. I love how you have Jared being the reluctant straight man, and Ivanka’s all about the money.

I personally think they are both all about the money, but are both a little uneasy about how low they must go to get what they want. So Jared’s quibbles about I won’t do it, I can’t that actually seems feasible — although, really I bet Jared is more like a Little Finger. He’s plotting, behind that calm exterior, to take them all down. All Jared is missing is a creepy obsession with a fourteen year old.

Tell me That’s not Jared Kushner!

I have taken to assigning everyone in the Trump administration a GOT identity. Trump is Joffrey.


You know how Joffrey had to keep insisting he was the King? (cause no one really wanted to believe it.) Trump has to keep insisting he is the president. (Cause no one wants to believe that either!)

Bannon is Ramsey. That alone let’s you know, man! We are all in so much trouble! I bet Bannon has a torture room just like Ramsey. It’s in the basement of the DC Trump Towers, where they exclusively serve- you got it- sausage. Reince Priebus better watch out. Theon GreyJoy. Need I say more?

Festering Face Bolton/Bannon

Jared is Little Finger, but Ivanka is no Sansa, that’s probably Melania.

Melania be all like please, somebody help!

Barron is Rickon, which is to say, Melania better keep him away from Bannon…I’m just saying.

Is Ivanka really endlessly greedy and power hungry like Cersei? It seems farfetched but AI put it out there! What if he’s right? I think I might actually like her better! Ivanka as Cersei! But no, I think most people see her as more like a Marjorie.

Ivanka is just playing the cards she’s been dealt. Trying to deal with that^

OR is there really something more sinister going on. Is she plotting and scheming on the throne! Like our girl Cersei!

Ivanka is getting PAID.

GOT fans is Ivanka a Cersei or a Marjorie?

AI definitely has her in Cersei territory, and considering that dad is Joffrey and hubby is Little Finger, could she be anyone else? If so…is Donald Trump Jr. Jaime? Was Mike Flynn, Walder Frey?

He Let the Lannisters Slaughter the Starks at the Red Wedding
Did he let the Russians slaughter the Dems in the 2016 Election?
Hillary was all ^

Who else in the Trump Admin is straight out of GoT?

Working with the Light!