OMG! You have your finger on the pulse of the sexual desires of the typical American black thug…yeah they love this look…I should know, I had it when I was younger. And the thugs thought I was Aphrodite. Or…what’s the name of that Nigerian goddess Beyoncé was imitating? Her. Or I guess a mix between them.

I am in a phase in my life, where I am examining my younger life experiences, so I’m trying to understand why the thugs were so obsessed with me…or that look, cause really it wasn’t about me…I am more than the sum of my body parts…but the thugs didn’t see it that way.

I found it deeply sexist, even in my youth, to constantly be verbally assaulted because I had big tits, big legs and light skin…all the whole, being reminded, I wasn’t perfect though, cause I had “an ass like a white girl.”

That WAS NOT a compliment. Not at all.

Imagine my befuddlement, as I now notice, even the white girls no longer have asses like white girls. In their attempts to capitalize off of the thuggish parts of Hip-hop culture (which is not ALL of that culture let me just state for the record) white girls are buying and promenading around with big butts!!!!!

So what is it about this look that drives certain black American men insane with sexual desire?

I think I have an answer for ya. I think I figured it out!

They want the African looking body, with light skin, because in America light skin is money in the bank. I could go into this more in-depth, but girl! It would take so much time…just trust me on this it is.

ALSO — men like to seek out that which is forbidden to them, or that which represents a status symbol -white and/or light women are a status symbol for Black American men. Like Kanye said,

“As soon as he get on, he leaves your ass for a white girl.”

It’s true…it’s kinda what he did…although Kim Kardashian aint exactly white.

You are baffled by this phenomenon maybe? Because Nigerian men don’t fall for these kinds of shenanigans maybe? Or do they?

I once knew a Nigerian man who told me I wasn’t black because he could see the white man stamped all over my face.

It was the first and last time anyone ever said anything like that to me. I was truly perplexed by it, but it did enlighten me.

I realized that Africans would not see me as black. It shocked me, cause that was how I saw myself. Definitely black.

Twenty years later…I see he had a point. I don’t think anyone can look at me and not see the white in me.

My hair. I have a joke about it. My hair is like Nigeria and Appalachia got into a fight and both lost. What do you do with hair like that?

You lock it up and keep it moving.

Working with the Light!