On your part. You are the one telling people to go back to Africa because of their complaints about American racism and sexism. I can’t speak for the author of the article (whom you told to go back to Africa) but as for me, I am staying here.

Telling people to go back to Africa, when they complain about American racism and or sexism, is ignorant. I had to call you on it.

And I could care less about the state of Africa, but I am clearly intelligent enough to know, that it’s hardly the disaster Western media has led you to believe it is. Yes there are countries that have problems, largely due to imperialism. But the ones that have kept the west at bay: Egypt, Morrocco, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria…Nigeria is doing alright especially with their social engineering skills that allow them to con silly Americans out of millions.

Mark Zuckerberger sure thinks Nigeria’s got potential, as he’s been talent shopping over there. So apparently, he sees things differently than you, and well…he’s a billionaire.

I say all of THAT, to say THIS: Africa is not what you think. But you can hold on to the delusion that the entire continent is a wreck that you can use to scare or threaten African-Americans with if you want to. That’s not the point. At least not for me. I don’t BELONG in Africa, no African American does. I belong HERE.

Just got my DNA report back. Do you know what It reads: 45% west African, 47% British Isles…so where should I go?

I am staying here. This is my home, more so than any damn body. People like me were truly MADE IN AMERICA. And you can stop with the ignorant “go back to Africa” if I should complain about being treated unfairly IN MY OWN DAMN COUNTRY.

Enough is enough is ENOUGH!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!