One of your best articles ever! As much as you understand mass manipulation (on a global level, you are pretty damn good at spotting that) your understanding of micro manipulation on the interpersonal level is absolute genius!

This is the best thing I’ve ever read about manipulation strategies and tactics, and with the epidemic (maybe even pandemic) of narcissism exploding here in America, this is extraordinarily useful.

Narcissists don’t care for me, cause I generally see through their bullshit very quickly. (Narcissists want to talk about themselves ALL the DAMN TIME! And I want to say to them, “Do you really think l want to look at 2000 different pictures of you? I don’t even have this must interest in myself.”

I don’t have the patience for narcissists and their nonstop self absorption, so I’ve never been pulled into their shenanigans…but the Borderlines (narcissism light) are trickier, stealthier…their manipulation is far more difficult to detect.

And then there are the highly proficient mindfuckers…the pimps, the cult leaders. Watch out! These manipulators are incredibly dangerous. Not only do these people tell you a story about you…it’s a true story! They watch you! They find the chinks in your armor…they find the openings…when you least expect it, they plunge the knife in, and they twist it.

The fact is, in this predatory America the manipulations and manipulators are agitated and amping up with intensity and ferocity.

These comprehensive and yet succinct guidelines on how to cope are desperately needed. I hope everyone who needs this information finds this.

It’s astounding the number of people who claim to be recovering from relationships with narcissists, or worse sociopaths and psychopaths.

These huge spiritual defects in personality, this suppression of soul, seems to be a very unique and disturbing American phenomenon.

Working with the Light!

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