“One thing I’ll say for him, Jesus is cool!” That’s a line (actually a lyric) from Jesus Christ Superstar. I had to let one of my Buddhist buddies know, in a recent conversation, about how cool Jesus is.

A huge problems with a lot of “Christians” is that they are anti-Christ like. But I’ve read your post, from time to time, that doesn’t seem to be you. You seem to be a true Christian, so keep the faith no matter what all the nuts seeking to align themselves with one psychotic, ranting, raving, foaming at the mouth team have to say about you. People are going nuts about their politics and religion, which sort of defeats the purpose of both.

True Christians, and by that I mean people who are or seek to be Christlike, are RARE. But, when I find them, I am too pleased to know that such people exist. I consider myself a true Christian, though I don’t do the Church thing anymore, because I rarely find any Christians there either. Sigh….

Working with the Light!

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