One thing that Kendi said that is SO TRUE and I say this as a civil rights attorney, who has used what now seems like old, crumbling and antiquated language to address racial inequality — racial progress (as was made with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is my trade) is always followed by ever more sophisticated racist progress.

That’s what this article seems like to me, the racist progress that will follow whatever racial progress has been made, by the “white fragility” concept going mainstream.

While I never cared for this term, nor the term “anti-racist” they are extremely helpful in pushing the dialogue forward on American race relations. Calling people who use these terms “masochists” is not. It’s a rhetorical trick, used to distract and deflect from what people are trying to talk about, systemic racism. Is it really so difficult to stay on that topic? Maybe explore why that is. Maybe do psychological studies on that? Why does a certain type of white male brain absolutely break down, when real discussions around racial progress occur? Scan the frontal cortexes. Scan the base of the brain. When these conversation happen do they feel threatened? Do the fight/flight center’s light up?

It seems like all of this is happening, based on the consistent responses of represss, deflect, distract, attack. This is a very sophisticated version of deflect, distract and attack. Ever sophisticated racist progress.

Working with the Light!

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