Or maybe this is a multi-million dollar company, with an extraordinary ad budget, that can shoot whatever they like, and this has nothing to do with a little girls taste buds and everything to do with selling millions of cars.

Little girls eating bananas (or popsicles, or lollypops) was an idiotic choice at best, or a provocative one at worst. Everyone knows what those images mean, as they’ve been used as stand ins ad nauseoum. Don’t act like people are stupid. That’s irritating.

A whole Pizzagate hysteria was popped off because the owner of a pizza parlor was posting pictures like this on his Instagram. It almost got him killed.

And while I don’t agree with that kind of hysteria or radicalization, the pictures of kids eating stuff and his posts about it, were creepy and weird. People in the ad industry don’t know about this? People in that industry study Instagram like it’s their New bible.

Audi did the right thing. It apologized. If it was a purely honest mistake (eye-rolling), then hey, they apologized, no biggie.

But I showed a friend in marketing the picture, no commentary, just the picture, and asked, “do you see anything wrong with this?”

Her response? She said, “oh yeah, they do that all the time in advertising, it’s very common.” And then she started sending me all kinds of creepy pedo advertisements.

They know what they’re doing. It’s just the people are getting hip to it and are disgusted.

This ad, common as the technique may be, is not “better” marketing…unless better means doing any damn thing to make a profit.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!