Or not. Maybe they are just interested in what is actually going on in the world. Reporting on what Trump is actually doing is not being “liberal” or being upset about him winning the election, it is being informed.

Love them or hate them, the CIA is not politically inclined to any liberal agenda. Do you have any idea what the agency does? Clearly the CIA is anything but liberal. What an idiotic thought that is.

The fact that Trump is bumping heads with such a powerful agency shows that Trump really is ready to take on the full force of the American government, for better or worse, does show us all that he’s not trying to cooperate with typical American foreign policy, which quite honestly could be a good thing. But it’s a real dangerous game for Trump to be playing. He might want to check out Netflix’s Narco and see what happens to those who cross the CIA. Say it with me: Pablo Escobar.

The CIA takes issue with Trump because he is not doing his damn job. Attending the damn briefings as expected, showing appropriate concern, as expected, playing the damn game as expected. Honestly, they don’t want much. They want him to be the puppet that he, and all American presidents are expected to be.

He’s not going for it. I would applaud him if I though he was going to do something productive. But he is not. Unlike Pablo he will not be going around the hoods handing out dollar bills. What He is probably trying to do is flip the American foreign policy to benefit him personally. Man. Trump is taking on some really big dogs…all his supporters should be very concerned…for him.


Working with the Light!

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