Or, or to stand in and protect the handful of kids and church people (many elderly) who got surrounded by an angry torch wielding , bat-swinging, gun-toting, mace-spraying mob on Friday night.

Disturbing, Disgusting, Disgraceful. The fact that the police did nothing to protect their peaceful protest: disturbing, disgusting, disgraceful. I am outraged.

I had no idea who or what Antifa was or is, but if what I am hearing about them is true (that they came to protect these nonviolent protestors when the police wouldn’t?!?!?!?!)

Protestors in Charlottesville are claiming Antifa saved their lives, and the neo-Nazi Klan alt right pepe Frog threw the first punch on Friday night.

I know what the hell I SAW on Friday night. And it wasn’t no damn Antifa. It was a Klan rally. And SOMEONE should have disrupted it. But the police, for reasons that are entirely unclear, were uninterested. Enter Antifa. That’s another narrative anyway. And I don’t know if it’s true.

Things are so screwed up, and there is so much distrust on so many sides, I don’t know if the whole entire thing isn’t just an elaborate hoax.

It’s probably not. But I rule out nothing. The world’s gone mad.

Working with the Light!

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