People are always saying this…but I don’t even know how they can even quantify such a thing.

Okay, let me try…25 million people are in the most ruthless, treacherous, horrorific and diabolical kind of slavery that has ever been existence (and this is capitalism or whatever you want to call it) in action.

When I say the worst, I mean little kids are being sold on the internet to be tortured, and raped and killed…that’s a thing….that’s a profit making THING…and yeah around 25 million people are trapped in THAT kinda hell.

How do you glass half full that? Well, it’s true that there are 7 billion people on that planet at least, so that means statistically less than 1% of the population has been enslaved. Statistically, that sounds great.

But 25 million people IS A LOT OF PEOPLE…and people who track such things believe these numbers are low and inaccurate. I am guessing the only reason the numbers are not higher is because capitalism can only utilize so many human resources this way.

I am not saying socialism is the answer. I’m not saying communism is the answer. I am saying that the current financial structures in place — whatever you choose to call it: capitalism, globalism, socialism, communism - they have all created the mess we are in, and they are all interconnected anyway. Socialism, wouldn’t work without capitalism, and the alleged amazing successes of capitalism are in response to failures of communism.

But saying, what we have is great, because it’s not this other thing that really, really, really, really, SUCKED…is a flawed sort of logic.

Hard turds are so much better than diarrhea…it’s true but it is all SH*T!

When you have a system that operates just for profit…a system that pollutes the WATER, even in the freaking oceans, which are VAST, when you have a system where “proxy wars” are a thing, when you have a system where the President of the most powerful nation on earth, sh*ts and giggles with the Islamic terrorist’s he regularly rails against and sells them a shitload of weapons (ummmm HYPOCRISY! INSANITY!), when you have a system where 50 million dollars can be spent on an idiotic, political pissing contest because people love taking sides in this nonsensical, dystopian insanity, when you have a system where the money is essentially meaningless (don’t get the fiat currency people started!), when you have a small percentage of the population hoarding, manipulating and allegedly even pulling that fiat currency out of thin air…something is off.

The entire structure is, at this point a global house of cards…and the liars, the crooks, the hustlers, the cons, the pimps, the cons, and most importantly the psychos are holding all of them.

AND, the Nukes…we haven’t even considered the disastrous consequences (which given the current global instability seems inevitable) of the nukes.

You can’t keep calling this a “success.” Even if the stats look good now, if just one card is disturbed, those numbers will go through the roof. This path is not sustainable.

It is time for something ENTIRELY different.

And…it is happening. People are waking the hell up.

Working with the Light!

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