People are freaked out. So many conspiracy theories. So much civil unrest. So much environmental unrest…water, fire…it’s all so unstable.

If you have a job working in and with these systems, you can see them crumbling. As an attorney who peeks in on the inner workings of lots of federal agencies (through my clients), what I see makes me sad. So much has changed. It’s not unimportant, things that we have lost.

I’m at a point in life where I’m not so preoccupied (like your dad was) with living that I don’t see the big picture. I see the big picture. It’s not pretty, so I look away a lot.

When everything’s breaking down, the best thing to do, is bunker down and huddle up with those you love. Oh wait…can’t even do that completely. Sigh.

Working with the Light!

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