People are so partisan touchy! They’re all like, “you’re a lefty.” But you know, I didn’t get that impression. I think you are someone who really knows her make-up!!!

I mean I know nothing about make-up. I ain’t never been into it, sorry. But even I know, you gotta wear it for TV…and if you don’t well…you end up looking like the Trump co…and man!

The thing with the goggles?!?!? I was like she’s right! I have been wondering for months, why is the area around Trumps eyes so fucked up?!?! Why are they so puffy??? His eyes look so strange! And come to find out, he’s doing this on purpose?!?!?? OMG!

But that explains it! I mean he looks WEIRD. As in not quite human, like people who have had too much plastic surgery. And with all his money…he could look so much better. But at least he is trying in his own way, with the tanning and the combover.

Kelly and Steve are clearly like, “yo, fuck it.”

They look like they don’t even bathe. Crazy unhealthy! Steve totally lives off of a diet of raw red meat and Vodka. Imagine that flatulence? Yeah…he is one sick fuck, literally and you can see it on his face.

Kelly looks like she is combatting domestic violence daily…and who knows? She might be. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up with a black eye she didn’t conceal.

And I mean if concealers work on everyone as you say, WTF!!!!????? Like they all got some skin stuff they need to be concealing. Trumps puffy ass eyes, Steve’s entire face…and Kelly just needs to go on one of those shows where they do it ALL the hair, the face all of it!!!!

She could be decent looking. But she largely looks like a sleepy zombie, when she says:

“ I woke up like dis!”

It’s true.

And it’s almost as if they want us to know they’re lives are miserable and fucked up. If they didn’t they would wear better, at least happier faces. Make up artist indeed, for the love of God someone help them!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!