People pooling resources is the basic gist of socialism. In strict socialism, the people own ALL forms of production and services that are used for and by all — in a mixed system the people own some.

Technically US taxpayers OWN, the army, navy, Air Force, marines, the Congress, the Senate…yeah we OWN that. Cause we paid for it. And that’s socialism baby…it’s just happening in a country that is also capitalistic too, so the U.S. taxpayer does not OWN IKEA, or Lockheed Martin, for example. A private individual or group on individuals own those services and resources.

In America one is dependent on the other, we use both systems and they feed of one another. The federal government- tax payer money- buys trillions in goods and services from private companies- and as such, can force certain rules, requirements and regulations on them — which also is really a form of socialism (indirect but still, a lot of these rules are around how the government money will shared equally- again socialism.) When media pundits are trying to frighten people with socialism — this is really the sort of thing they are railing against. This is what socialism in America is. Social Security is socialism.

The best economic system known to date, is a mix that is carefully balanced. It’s what both America and Sweden ARE. America just mixed in way more capitalism, than Sweden.

And America’s capitalism has gotten so corrupt, it has taken over many of the socialist programs, profitized them — giving taxpayers a crappy product that it forced them to pay top dollar for — this sort of capitalism is far closer to communism, than true capitalism (an economy where there little government interference.)

In communism people get crappy products because there is no incentive to build better ones- no profit in it! In corrupt capitalism, people get crappy products because clever rich capitalist bully the government into buying their crappy products and paying 10 to 20 times what the crappy product or service is worth. The US government has been rife with these kinds of practices for the past 50 years at least. It’s the reason States have metaphorical and real bridges to nowhere.

The US government has always, always always interfered in commerce. This country has always, always, always been fairly socialistic. But it has become super corrupt capitalistic! This has infected our socialism systems and now we are getting the same results as communism. We are living with far too many crappy products, but for different reasons.

With Communism no one makes a profit off the product, so no one cares if it’s crap. With corrupt capitalism, only a few bullies make a profit of the product, the crappier they make it, the more profit they make; and they don’t care if the product is crappy cause they’ve got a captive audience.

American’s aren’t exactly captive, yet..we try to use our democracy to get what we want, but it’s getting harder and harder to do because of all the corruption. Healthcare reform proves this…citizens keep saying what they want and how they want to pay for it…and yet the capitalists don’t want this as it will seriously interfere with the crappy product- high profit hustle they have enjoyed for years. Why would they ever give that up?

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