Perhaps, but the point of it was to correct the centuries of institutionalized racism- and this really isn’t a “trend.”

Slavery, (not a trend, but an institution, with thousands of laws and billions of dollars attached to it) which began in this country some 4oo years ago, was the beginning of a very deep system of institutionalized racism that has been meticulously documented all throughout this countries history.

The desire to completely ignore all of that, and act as if the state of America just popped up out of a vacuum as it is in 2017, is to utilize an extremely immature perspective. It is a refusal to deal with yet another inconvenient truth, but nevertheless, that does not make thus truth disappear.

This history did occur. It had endless implications and ramifications and evolutionary stages where slavery, changed to Jim Crow, which then changed to Prison Industrial and on it goes. American institutionalized racism never went anywhere. It simply changed forms repeatedly.

There have always been counters to the institutionalized racism: abolitionists, the civil. War and reconstruction (late 1800s first round of what you call “Affirmative Action), the pan-African movement of the 1920s, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, the Black Lives Matter movement of the 2010s and beyond.

You can’t really talk about Affirmative Action without that context, unless of course you want to dog whistle to all the allegedly “fringe” white racists; and of course many do and that’s exactly what they are doing and you’re all caught up in it to.

Believe you me, I’ve worked in Affirmative Action and Diversity. I assure you, it’s not at all what you think, and it’s not going to change. All that talk is politicians pressing buttons. They are pressing yours, and I’m telling you your time would be better spent looking behind that damn curtain.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!