Perhaps, but when I am subjected to an onslaught of vile racist rhetoric, my desire to be respectful diminishes greatly.

Saying “I’m not here to educate you” could be a cop-out, if I were unable to argue against this idiocy. It is not that I am unable, I am unwilling to waste my time, because it would take a tremendous amount of effort to review and reveal all of the information and history, which she is ignorant of, to even begin to construct the counter argument.

And, say I made the effort? Say I went line by line over all the trumped up slanted stats, designed to make African-Americas look like some subhuman species, and said, this has been caused by that, and so on and so forth, it wouldn’t matter anyway. She has an agenda and that agenda doesn’t permit her to be open to anything that threatens her worldview. Every time I raise points which force her to reconsider that worldview (as bizarre as it is) she launches into long racist diatribes and personal attacks, refusing to answer questions such as this:

Isn’t it clever for corrupt world leaders like Putin and Trump, to keep stirring up certain divisions and fears, so that they can keep people and nations divided while stealing all remaining wealth?

It is a simple question. Why no answer forthcoming from her on that end? Instead of answering that question, she launches into divisive rhetoric about everything that is wrong with African-American culture, having spent not one day inside the culture or reviewed any significant information about it. Like Jon Snow, with regard to this particular American subculture, she knows nothing. She can pull some Bill Oreilly/Fox news stats off the internet, and now she’s some sort of expert worthy of debate? Nah. She doesn’t even know what the 13th amendment says; and if she did maybe we could have an intelligent conversation, but she has no clue. Doesn’t know what the 13th amendment says, nor the 19th either. I bet.

Well I do. Because I’m an American. This is my history and I will not have it distorted by the racist and incoherent ramblings of Russian “historian” who believes she has an omniscient understanding of everything that occurs in the entire world…they call that a Christ complex…it is a symptom of mental illness.

There is no point in conversing with crazy brick walls.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!