Plenty of people are considering that and have considered that but no matter how much you consider that, how does Donald Trump end up being and effective solution to this particular problem? Let’s hand the country over to a conartist? To do what exactly? To fix small town America how? What exactly is the plan?

Oh and people who live in cities are not in the minority, they are actually in the majority, and it’s a majority that will continue to grow. Not due to any left/right culture wars -simply because there are economic forces that are forcing people into cities and out of the country.

And most people in major cities have no interest in lecturing, antagonizing, embarrassing those who live in small towns, as clearly, economic conditions force them to be preoccupied with their own survival and very little else.

This whole line of argument is based on fallacies and divide and conquer strategies. Cities against towns? Really?

Working with the Light!

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