Plenty of people inject politics into their place of employment in extremely inappropriate ways without any repercussions…i one had a very high ranking executive tell me that a situation was “an abortion.” Hell of inappropriate…but he was white and male AND of COURSE able to do whatever the FUCK he wanted without very many repercussions, grab asses, toss out all kinda racial and ethnic slurs, all the live long fucking day…and politics for the love of GOD!!! Crazy pub, talking that crazy PUB SHiT nonstop!!! This mfer ran a major department in a INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT! He was A LOT LIKE TRUMP- a total embarrassment to anyone with any couth or proper socialization.


This ain’t about patriotism, or employees rights or supporting the troops, or any of that distracting bs, it’s about white people WHO HATE to see a black man rich enough and powerful enough to stand up for what’s right and take a stand against racism! Ya just HATE dontcha!!!! Hate it to your core, cause you’re soooooooooooooooooooo effing racist! Ya are!

Ha, ha, ha! Jokes on ya! Ain’t nobody down with that racist programming no more! Major corporations, like “nah…we ain’t bout Dat racism no more!” It don’t pay the same dividends babe…so you can kiss all your American racism goodbye- it’s done. 😭 so sad, too bad you ain’t special just cause you’re white, that’s what this is really all about- how the tide is turning and ya just can’t handle it!

Jay and Bey are all up in the Louvre protesting…it just burns ya up! Don’t it?

Working with the Light!

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