Probably everyone has been radicalized by his election…simply because it is so beyond the norm in so many different ways. People everywhere need to stop playing these idiotic partisan games, acting like this is about the left or the right or whatever- at this point- any average every day person has to think both sides — at the extremes, have gone completely bonkers. And that happens…when a society is completely breaking down. All sorts of historic examples of this.

My point is, yeah all sorts of crazy extreme rhetoric all around, on both sides and neither. But what is the bigger picture? Severe breakdown…and so much fear about it people everywhere are foaming at the mouth with dialogue that is insane and nonsensical and solving no real problems. And while you are all doing this, this country is literally being pimped out to the highest bidder and everyone loses.

Well…it was a good run 1776 until 2016, 240 years exactly. Stick a fork in America, she’s about done…thanks Dems and Pubs!


Working with the Light!

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