Quite honestly no. All it seems to me that you are doing with the term “identity politics” is lumping together vastly different ideologies and political movements that you don’t like, and using that term to attack all of them together, instead of each of them separately.

It’s clever. But most of your responses lack critical thinking. It’s all tap dancing and dodging and dancing and all sorts of gymnastics to uphold your political stance, which admittedly is coming under vicious attack, from all the various members of these various sets of “Identity politics” you have identified.

If you want to know what’s really going on with an issue, follow the money.

Do insurance companies believe the scientists on climate change? They seem to be paying attention to the science. As scientists claim that more and more of these vicious storms are coming, insurers are getting really touchy about what kinds of insurance they will offer and at what price. The federal flood insurance fund is still broke from Katrina, which happened over a decade ago, (not under Obama, sad that I even have to say that, but apparently being conservative allows people to change timelines and attribute Pub failures to Dems, years before they were even in office.)

But anyway, I digress. The political con is just as good as the religious one and you seem to be very deep in on the right political con, with this new weird “identity politics” construction.

I wonder what mindfuck of a conservative think tank, did this baby pop up out of.

I can see a bunch of suits sitting around the table:

“Every thing everyone on the left complains about: the racism, the sexism, all the he xenophobia and homophobia-everything they accurately call fear and hate…we will just call it ‘identity politics’.”

“Okay, well what about the environmentalists and the scientists?”

“Oh, gee that’s tougher. But it doesn’t matter! Throw that one in too! The base is stupid! The attack on the left doesn’t have to be logical…it just has to be an attack! Identity politics- bad! That’s all we have to do! It’s genius! Lets introduce this new thought virus and let her rip!”

So, yeah, even more Orwellian nonsense. More 2 +2 = 9 from the peanut gallery.

It’s all a fake reality. The whole political scene is absolutely nuts, and of course it is. You’re attempting to make sense of a world that has long ago stopped making any rational sense. We have wars against “terror” where we justify slaughtering innocent civilians until they are blood goo covering a city like jam on toast. It makes no sense. None.

But I tell you who still is making sense. Who uses plenty of logic, and science and math to their advantage: Insurers. They are capitalist after all. Here to make a profit, and if the scientists are indicating that profits are no longer available under the current paradigm, of course, they will adjust accordingly.

So you will excuse me if I ignore your particular bizarre ideology, that has far more to do with brainwashing people into a certain voting bloc, and much less to do with what’s really going on in the world.

If you want to know what’s really going on, always follow what the billionaires think is in their best interest. It’s not likely to be the same as what’s in your best interest, but you should always be able to figure out what sorts of brainwashing curriculums are going to be proposed and why. Then at least you can resist them. So now we got the “identity politic” brainwashing curriculum running, so idiotic it took me a while to even grasp it. But thank you for explaining it so thoroughly to me. I totally get what it is and what it’s about. Man! The mind fuckery is endless. Once again I am deeply insulted that the Pubs think I am this stupid!!!

But they probably don’t think that of me…just most people…and most people, especially if you have any faith in the current political system, are THAT STUPID. Or are that easily conned. Because they want to believe, I guess in something. You’re much better off believing in one of the religions before a Dem or a Pub.

It’s not the left that’s a cult, the whole fucking thing is a cult. And it gets more and more desperate with each passing day because it’s dying. It is losing believers, like water through a sieve.

I am among a group of people who believe that the current American democracy is irreparably broken. It was never truly a democracy, but a republic, and now it’s not even that. Aligning deeply with a Dem or Pub is it’s own sort of identity politics-which to identify to deeply with either is idiotic. Neither cares for its constituency, that could not be more clear.

Railing against “identity politics” seems to be another way to rail against Dems, and that’s a total waste of time because Dems are not what they seem anyway. So all you’re doing is attacking people and what they want, and the things that people want ARE REAL and are a REAL concern.

Clean water, that is real. Clean air to breathe, that is real. This is real basic, basic, BASIC survival type stuff. Stop trying to politicize it. Stop trying to confuse the issues by saying, well that’s an environmentalist issue, and that’s identity politics, and identity politics is bad, because you are identifying with people who all want to drink clean water.


And I will go to a pow wow and identify with the Sioux Indian tribe on that account. Because I’d be a fucking idiot not to realize that on account of the clean water, our interests are linked.

And, these things used to not concern me, but as I realize how difficult it is to get clean water to drink, as I realize that fucking Nestle is trying to get a monopoly on fresh water so it can sell it to the highest bidder, I realize I better align with the environmentalists!

Because I am not an idiot, because I can see how my very own self interests are being threatened, I too am “identifying” with the environmentalists. Go Green Peace! Sierra Club too.

These asshole capitalists, want to destroy the good clean water that we have, that belongs to the earth, and everyone and everything on it, just to make a buck, so the environmentalists were right all along and I see it now. I didn’t really wake up to this until that huge coal factory accidentally dumped tons of chemicals into the drinking water — and told people it was fine to drink it!

That is grimy! And that is wrong! But if you take the time to listen to the environmentalist they will tell you capitalists have been pulling that shit all over the globe for at least half a century.

So you are damn right “environmentalists” are against the “capitalists.”

That is NOT “identity politics.” That is “I want to fucking live politics.” At least it is for me, and it should be for you to, unless you like drinking water with lead and blood and shit and coal chemicals all up in it.

I’m sure you don’t. So here’s what you’re banking on, you’re banking on always being able to access clean water, and having the luxury of not giving af about the people who don’t have it.

Well, that’s real grimy. And it’s probably not feasible. Here is the thing about water -it flows. All together now. You corrupt one source it’s only a matter of time before you corrupt all the sources.

And Hurricane Harvey isn’t helping on this front. When it comes to the environment, I don’t even understand what the argument is. WTF is not there to even argue about. Nothing. The premise is so basic:


And when you raise your hand, and try to explain, “we’ll see yes you do because capitalism and money, and shit is good to eat, and blah, blah, blah.”

I am not buying it. Only an idiot would, and that’s not environmentalism, that’s common sense, that’s basic decency.

I don’t really care much about politics, but about right and wrong. There is no way, you will ever convince me that poisoning drinking water could ever be right or that I should eat shit. There’s no way to convince me that racism is just fine. And you know there’s no way to do that. So do most Pubs. So what do they do instead? They fund think tanks, that spout bullshit about “identity politics.”

But let’s talk about real shit. Literally, real shit. Pig Farmers in North Carolina literally shove trillions of tons of pig blood and shit down residents throats, to make a buck of their nasty pork. They’re literally feeding people puss and shit. And people eat it. And no, they’re not practicing identity politics, they’re being good little soldiers, down for the red cause! Am I right?

They’re expendable pawns. And so, too maybe you.

That will never be me.

Working with the Light!

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