Quotalicious — The Truth?

I like quotes, and so I collect them. Why not? They’re free. I’m always on the look out for something that is extraordinarily well written, or very provocative. I like quotes that make you think. I like quotes that tell the truth! I usually pull from writers of literature, the poets, philosophers. “I think therefore I am.” Descartes took himself down all sorts of existential rabbit holes with that one. That’s why it’s quotalicious.

I love Medium, because, there are so many damn good writers here! Do you know how many amazing quotes I’ve come across here? Hundreds at least. Some of them are quotalicious, so I decided to keep track. All the quotes I captured this week are dedicated to truth. Is there even such a thing as truth anymore? I think there is. I also think I found a deep one. Shout out to Son of Baldwin for this gem:

Quote #1 The Truth About Rape

We are always looking to somehow blame the victim and absolve the rapist because consent is an abhorrent concept to the imperial mind; and this is, in all ways, an imperial nation.

He is indeed channeling James Baldwin. And you’d only know that, if you have read Baldwin…extensively and recognized his bizarre genius. Which I have. Clearly, Son of Baldwin has too. They both have placed their finger on the pulse of America, seconds after America had its throat slashed wide open, and was writhing, bloody, dying in the gutter, in shock and disbelief, bleeding out. America is many things…and it is that too. But that’s the America we don’t often talk about. Shadow America. Imperial nation.

This quote, it’s a shot of TRUTH… and he doesn’t even stop there. He says, make it a double. As if that weren’t enough, he comes back with, what the hell, let’s go for triple. The truth is dangerous, especially these days. Doesn’t seem to faze Son of Baldwin.

To take a line from law 32, of Robert Greene’s The 48 laws of Power:

The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant…There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.

And there is relentless rage and anger directed at those who tell the truth, especially to the disenchanted and disillusioned. In times like these, folks would rather join cults, than hear the truth. Which brings me to, Ezinne Ukoha in I Joined a Religious Cult for Like 5 Minutes.

Cult of Trump GQ

Quote #2 The Truth About Cult Leaders and Followers

Broken souls like scattered objects need to be pieced back together with careful precision and the patience of a hunter who plots the downfall of it’s prey with skillful adherence.

She follows that one up with:

I have never been trapped in a well of disillusionment that was too deep for self-rescue.

Oh man! Love this! She can write! (And, I never give that up easily.) But that first sentence? Just the construction alone — it’s art. It’s a little run-ony, but she makes it work! And only someone who can truly write can pull that off. As for the second sentence, I’m all: You go girl! Go for us all! Show us, that we can all escape from these prison wells of disillusionment via the power of our own minds. We need reminders, in times like these, with so many worshipping at the alter fear, in the cult of Trump, as well as any number of political and religious cults. It’s insane! God help us all.

Quote #3 On Trump Bias — Dave Tells the Truth

Even after the performance of the last week; the avoidable gaffes, self-inflicted wounds, bad decisions, poor judgment, and utter incompetence, there are still some who argue that there is a vast bias against Donald Trump. Well I’ve got news for them. They’re right.

In The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump, Dave Pell is just nonstop telling truth, after truth, after truth about our insane orange President. Still, thousands, if not millions would dispute everything he has said, I’m sure. Which leads me back to the question, is there even such a thing as truth anymore? Or have we just given up on truth as a concept? Does everyone just get to make up and ascribe to their own alternative facts? Am I ascribing to mine, when I quote Pell as a truth-teller? How is it that so many of my fellow Americans can read Pell and call it nothing more than a vicious pack of lies? Do we all get to live in (according to Vox ) alternative realities of our choosing?

Quote #4 On Objective Truth

“We’re experiencing these historical events very differently” Says Vox, of the Trump Presidency. What is this? Rashomon effect? Mandela Effect? Which reality is the real reality? Estwald might know. John Hopkins asks:

Where is it written that objective is true and subjective is false? This is a basic question few ever ask.

I’m like yeah, you’re right, because I don’t even understand the question. But, I guess he’s saying, the subjective can also be true, in which case, this is someone’s truth.

We irredeemable deplorables who cling to guns and bibles must come to the aid of the president we elected.

Actually it’s Sean Hannity’s. Check out his rant.

Honestly Fox? Honestly!(I am shouting in exasperation!) Do your pundits really believe these absurd rallying cries that your network spouts to your fearful cult-like followers, day in and day out? Does Hannity cling to his “gun and bible?” I mean come on! The man clings to the zipper on the pants of his $2000 Armani suit when his high-priced hooker makes him a bit to nervous, probably. But a bible? Utter B.S., but it’s pure truth to millions. How do they defend it, I wonder? Clearly, by ignoring huge sections of reality. Like the one described in Pell’s The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump. Because even though we have all of these incredibly complicated, overly propagandized issues that are being exploited ad nauseam from a variety of angles, Pell slices and dices through it all to get at the truth and he does it concisely and cogently, surfing past whirlpools of lies, scandals, misinformation, alternative facts, fake news, and all kinds of bizarre effects everywhere. It takes real skill to maneuver through all of that and tell the truth. Which is this: Donald Trump is a jerk. It’s really not all that complicated.

Quote #5 On Deep Philosophical Truths

Next up a Dear John letter. Really. Found one on Medium. It was written to John Hopkins by Helena Sophia Exel. She said,

I have money — Therefore I am

Is this really the modern day equivalent of Descartes’s philosophical “I think, therefore I am ?” It just might be. Donald Trump, (a reality TV celebrity!) is our President. If you ask people why that should be, they will quickly tell you it’s because he is rich, rich, filthily and ridiculously RICH!) And they love him for that fact alone. I mean who would tolerate a poor, broke, bum homeless Donald Trump? Can you imagine how people would react to someone who had the exact same personality as Donald, but was homeless? And is it wise to be so deeply enthralled by and impressed with Trump’s wealth? (Especially when it is simply the result of unchecked greed?) Helena explains:

Wisdom’s little sister is “Common Sense” and that sister has been deconstructed over the last 72 years with impunity.

She further explains:

The beauty of common sense is, that it can be re-vitalized, re-instated, through unconditional dedication to a higher cause than fishing for clicks/money/power/fame and acceptance of a society, that has drifted into “I have money — Therefore I am”.

Quote #6 On New Thought Philosophy — Spiritual Truth

Unconditional dedication to a higher cause, I have to get me some of that. Which finally brings me to Higher Thoughts with Jonas Ellison. In New Thought, is it Really? Jonas provocatively inquires:

I mean, let me ask you — what’s the last shiny new thing you’ve received that’s given you lasting fulfillment?

And wanted to shout at him: that’s a really good question, Jonas! And when you ask these kinds of questions that’s when you really start to hit up against deep fundamental truths. The kind that change your life completely. Because if you ask yourself this question, (I have actually) you will likely find that the answer is…not long…not long at all. And…if you are anything like me, you are saying to yourself, Come on! There has to be something else! Something more to this life than wanting shiny new things. Or…just wanting period.

I read Jonas daily because I am looking for those higher thoughts and higher experiences . Jonas captures the gist of what those might be like with this:

Sure, I might want a car. That might be my starting point. But when I let that thought go, something new shows up that adds so much more depth to the situation. And when I let THAT thought go, something even more vibrant shows up that I had no idea would add to the picture just moments before.

And this rabbit hole into Mind (yes, with a capital ‘M’) never ends. When you sink back into it and speak and live from that place, you see that there really is infinite layers to this life.

And, that’s what I want! To explore the infinite layers to this life! I want to discover whatsover things are true, and I mean really true. Deeply true.

And with that, it’s about time I finish my next article on programming my new collective, yet deeply personalized quantum reality. I’m writing these articles, hoping to find my deeper truth. Will it be subjective? Will it be objective? Does that even matter as much as we think it does? I am beginning to to think not. Maybe, if I keep at it, I will write something quotalicious.

Until next time,

Amber Lisa