Race is a social construct. Technically I am a "black"American. Yet I got A WHOLE LOT of European DNA, one upline traces all the way back to William the Conqueror, and everyone calls my skin "yellow." Asians mistake me for being one of them all the time. I call myself "marginal" as I am on the margins of a lot of things.

But I am (and have always been) neatly and comfortably in the box of "Black American" and oh what a box that is. I enjoy it though- cause as black Americans go I am damn lucky. A Ghetto Princess, even; and there are perks to being a princess, even in the ghetto.

As the great poet Maya Angelou said, "I Won't Take Nothing for my Journey, Now!" It's been a wild one! When we cling to a certain race, (which is a big deal here in America) what we a clinging to is a certain cultural and class paradigm...and some of us (like me) are so deeply hybridized we don't fit neatly into any damn box and our mere existence baffles the mind. Honestly? I love it!

Working with the Light!

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