I constantly go back and forth, back and forth, which issue am I going to deal with, racism or sexism? Both have had a huge impact on my life, then there is the silent killer, classism, lurking underneath the two. These three (classism, racism, sexism - are the TRIFECTA which creates oppression as we know it in America.)

And just when I think, oh, you know, I really gotta focus on sexism because…something pops in my purview and I’m all like…but no! Racism!

So, I’m working on an expository novel A True Love Story that breaks down how and why the whole classism, racism, sexism works together to oppress women. I’m working it all out, right here on Medium- and quite honestly what I’ve got in current form is quite raw…it’s a rough first draft.

But it’s about sexism (and racism and classism). And how, when the wrong cocktail of those three things mix up - sexism gets deadly.

Sexism, John Hopkins, caused me to realize, is at it’s root- all about sex. Check out this:

“Sexuality is the only finite game in which the winner’s prize is the defeated opponent.” (That’s a quote from a book I would highly recommend for out of the box thinkers, Finite and Infinite Games) But what does that even mean? Sexuality? Defeated opponent? Huh? I actually think I cracked the code! Like seriously! You know I am breaking it all down in A True Love Story — when I finish that novel — that code will have been cracked! I swear!

Anyway…I am back to racism. Yesterday, I saw an awesome documentary, called American Promise.

In my opinion, it is essentially about the numerous ways that the American educational system, much like the American criminal justice system seeks to destroy black boys, as soon as they are born. Yeah I said it.You wanna challenge this African-American mother of three sons on this? Get at me dog! I’m looking for a fight! Looking for it

Anyway, to anyone who has a black male child in the school system, and for any white person in education, you need to watch this film. TODAY. It’s on Amazon. OH! Just the blatant racism these little black boys were subjected too! Heartbreaking that white people are so afraid of little black boys!

Like really white people!?!?!?!?

(And if you’re not one of those kinds of white people then I am not talking to you!)

But if you are…for shame! You should be ashamed. Everyone at The Dalton School who failed Seun - FOR SHAME!

I’m pulling A Prayer in C - don’t think I could forgive you.

I just had to get this off my chest. For the kids…we gotta stop f*cking with the kids.

Okay…so now it’s back to work. On the sexism…

Working with the Light!