Reading and learning about history is not identity politics. I’m not stupid and I’m not going to fall for any of those idiotic Orwellian mind fucks. I read 1984 and Brave New world and Cloud Atlas to boot, if you really wanna know where this thing has been and where it’s headed.

And I will talk about white people all I want, with all the European DNA I got buddy. You don’t own the history of white people, or more correctly, European people…all of us who have that European DNA do, and we deserve to know the truth about our ancestors, even if it is brutal and ugly.

Here is your problem, you can’t handle the truth, because it doesn’t fit a nice, neat little narrative, where:

white is good and

black is bad, and

black and white (me), that’s still too bad.

Well…my dialogue ain’t for the silly, simple and stupid…only deep thinkers need approach.; and if that’s where your head is at, then you are not on my level.

Why don’t you at least try to educate yourself. Start with this:

And then move on to this:

It’s always better to know the truth, than to feed yourself on lies that make you feel better, but ultimately lead you to a swift and unexceptional demise like the clones in Cloud Atlas.

BTW — the future is Asian. That’s Mitchell’s prediction and I believe he’s 100% on point with that.

Working with the Light!

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