Reading the responses against love I have come to this, most people are having a strong reaction to the use of the word love, because they truly have no idea what it is and have probably never experienced it in true form, which is always spiritual.

The spiritual concept of love — which Ive studied extensively in a spiritual text entitled A Course in Miracles -requires a complete rejection of much of what we have learned about the world, as well as our own egos (our own belief in our own personal specialness). Its about loving everyone as much as you love yourself because you understand that everything is interconnected. People who understand this are highly spiritually evolved and can manifest miracles, but here’s the catch, very few people can love at that level.

All of the great love leaders have been killed for being so loving: Jesus, MLK, jr., Ghandi, John Lennon possibly Bob Marley. But just look at the impact they made on the rest of the world — their ideas just do not die. This is how love is a very powerful force, that we all should learn to use effectively- not for anyone else, but for our own well-being. Think of love as the weapon that kills hate. No one wants to be killed and consumed by hate, well it can’t touch you if you love. If you love truly and purely, I promise you, hate and fear can’t touch you.


Working with the Light!

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