Really? I don’t think you’ve heard all the theories of these Qanoners. They claim that teleport inside the earth and fight democratic demons who are snapping babies necks and drinking their blood that is filled with adrenochrome.

They claim to be assisted by the arc-angel Micheal and also President Trump, who is also an angel, and has a halo and wings, when he is teleportating inside inner earth….now, this hardly seems to be the same as people saying that Russia and Putin has some kind of hold on Trump.

Any powerful dictator on the International scene has some kind of hold on Trump. It’s obvious the way that he gushes over them and crawls all up their asses…Putin, Kim Jong Un, the Brazilian dude…Trump eats dictator ass, keeps a brown nose covered in dictator shit. So yeah, liberal leftist, extremist whatever the propaganda is about these folks, have a point. I can’t co-sign stupid. They have a deep and abiding hatred of Trump…but it’s not entirely irrational. Now the Q folk have a deep and abiding hatred for the Clintons and Democrats, and it does, at certain points, totally dissect from reality…that arc Angel Trump shit is total fantasy…and yet they tell these stories so convincingly.

Working with the Light!

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