Really interesting points raised here. I myself am grappling with how to go about putting my blatantly racist politicians on blast, with regard to real, boldly systematic moves they are making, to reinstitute a Jim Crow system, while at the same time talking about “we value Diversity. Racism has no place here.”


You can’t have it both ways. Either you are racist AF and doing your Jim Crow type shit — firing all the black and browns (about 13 of them) to create 3 highly paid do nothing positions for mediocre white men — or you really value diversity and walk the effing walk Publicans!!!!

I mean it kills me that they wanna do this crap, and be applauded for it, or at the very least expect me (a resident and citizen who has to vote for or against them) to be okay with this bullshit!

I’m not okay with it! The black people who had these jobs were actually doing important work that is critical to public safety! So these assholes are being racist AND endangering the public and are totally unapologetic about it!!!!

I am so angry!!!!! It’s one thing to be a lowlife racist terrorist thug. We all know they exist, everywhere. The KKK is recruiting in my County.

But for these same lowlife, racist, terrorists thugs to be your County Supervisors and for them to present that they aren’t?

It’s too much! Insult to injury.

Working with the Light!